West Midlands Regional Leader: Kiran Satti

Leadership Biography:

Name: Miss Kiran Satti

Phase: Primary

Role: Primary Class Teacher (TLR)

Sector: Primary Education/ Academy

Region: West Midlands

Years Served in Education: 7

Leadership Journey: Lead in several subjects; Art, Pupil Voice, PSHE, Science

Leadership Coach/Mentor/Inspiration: Hannah Wilson, Maria O’Neill, Vivienne Porritt and my Mum!

Twitter Handle: @KSunray3

Blog: staffrm.io/@kiran

Leadership Reflections:

Why do we need Womened?

Womened nurtures respect and openness towards the power we hold as women.

Womened magnifies this power through the 8 values:

  • Clarity
  • Communication
  • Connection
  • Confidence
  • Collaboration
  • Community
  • Challenge
  • Change

We rise by lifting others is a powerful assertion and completely true in relation to Womened. Through gathered strength, determination and belief in each other, there is a pool of power for all woman to tap in to whenever she will need it throughout her career. 2017 is a year for women to feel empowered and harness that power. My WonderWoman moment, at this point in time, is becoming a Regional Leader for Womened! I hope to facilitate WonderWoman moments for many other women!

Why do you think we need more equality in the education system?

Humans are adept at learning when they are free to swim through the waters of knowledge, follow the winds of inspiration and plant their own seeds of knowledge. Education is one of the most powerful facilitators of diversity. Openness. Inspiration. Aspiration. Education in essence is aspirational – an aspirational force that enables you to learn, to grow, to think, to be. Education is full of diversity – I see it in my classroom every day. I have a range of ethnicity, backgrounds, opinions, views, handwriting styles…they all have dreams, opinions and aspirations. My class is a microcosm that illustrates the beauty of diversity which is grounded in understanding and respect (https://staffrm.io/@kiran/4qLCFxEiYG). I hope to see this microcosm project outwards into the wider/global education systems.

How to do you nurture leadership talent in others?

The most important thing, as a teacher, I hope to nurture is self-belief. International Women’s Day 2017 showcased the brilliant potential every child in my class had to lead through understanding and openness. It started with the fact that we need a women’s day to ensure equality, diversity and difference is recognised and celebrated. Leadership is nurtured through self-belief and self-respect in my classroom. The children are then expected to project those strengths outwardly, ensuring they respect and believe in each other. A legacy of leaders who understand each other through respect and empower each other through belief in each other. Leadership that leads by example.

How would you like to affect change in the system?

Learning should be seen as an organic process however data is at the heart of education. Statistics measure and ascertain whether a school has a healthy pulse and numbers flow through the classroom veins – not children, numbers.  I want to affect a change so that a humanist pedagogy can be nurtured alongside the data to ensure children are seen as humans and not as numbers on a spreadsheet. Also, in terms of teacher wellbeing, teachers are seen as humans. I do not want to be a teacher defined by data. I want to be a teacher who is defined by the difference she makes. The value of a teacher’s work should not be diluted down to the data but measured by the progress of each child holistically as well as statistically – based on the child’s individual rate of progress.

What is your vision for education?

I believe education IS the vision. Electrifying the essence of education is what I want to see and be a part of; education is openness to opportunity. Opportunity to learn, challenge, understand and progress.

What are the values that your shape you as a leader?

Hope. Kindness. Determination. Organisation. Respect. Self-respect. Honesty and openness. Communication. Collaboration. Connection. Empathy. Nurture.

Leadership Advice:

Be defined by your soul, not your role

Kat Schofield @PearlOchreRose

Roles of responsibility and leadership are social constructs, dependant on expectations and behaviours, forming an identity to fit into. I believe it is important you know who you are and lead from within – values, purpose and expectations of yourself. That way, I believe you lead with authenticity.

Leadership Inspiration:

I have read When We Are Bold – a key text for me professionally (and personally) which I mentioned in my BeBoldForChange Blog. A brutal and uplifting set of stories that have enabled me to see the increased importance of leading from a ‘feminine’ or in my view, a human disposition. As women, we are powerful because we can be fierce AND nurturing. Gloria Steinem’s view that feminism is humanism and the importance of an embrace of difference without hierarchy (in relation to men and women) is important and I hope will be realised by all.

I am currently reading several texts, including The Book Whisperer. Reading and English are my passions – reading is a gateway to many different worlds and with that the nurturing of empathy, understanding and open mindedness. Reading epitomises the freedom and hope education offers. I intend to build on my expertise by being inspired, motivated and determined that every child I teach realises their potential and reading is one of the most powerful ways to facilitate their success.

Leadership Mantra:

Manifest magic


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